Oral Hygiene Tips from Bloom Orthodontics

Getting orthodontic work from the right dental office is a good start, but if you really want to make the most of your smile and keep your mouth healthy, practicing good oral hygiene is a must. Because it can be harder to clean your teeth while you're wearing braces, debris and stains can set in, laying the groundwork for cavities or other problems.

With that in mind, here are a handful of steps Bloom Orthodontics patients can use during and after their treatment:

Brush and floss regularly. Obviously, this is good advice for everyone, and not just Bloom Orthodontics patients. Still, brushing after every meal and flossing at least once a day are important to the health of your mouth, regardless of whether you're using braces, retainers, or other orthodontic treatments.

Use lots of water. By rinsing your mouth with water, you can sweep away particles and debris that you might not be able to reach with a toothbrush or floss. Make a point of rinsing every time you brush your teeth at least a few times. This will have the added benefit of making your mouth feel fresher.

Look in a mirror. It only takes a second to inspect your mouth, and especially the area around your braces or orthodontic appliances, after you brush your teeth. And, in a moment you might be able to spot something you missed the first time around. 

Avoid sweet and sticky foods. These can stick to teeth, especially in the areas in and around braces or other orthodontic appliances. You don't have to eliminate them from your diet altogether, but make them a rare treat.

Clean orthodontic appliances carefully. Anything that goes into your mouth, and especially Invisalign retainers or orthodontic appliances, should be cleaned regularly and carefully. We'll provide you with a kit and instructions to ensure you don't damage them during cleaning.

Remember that good oral hygiene isn't just about making your mouth pretty, but also keeping your teeth healthy and avoiding things like cavities and infections. Keeping that in mind will help you to take a little bit of extra time when caring for your teeth during your orthodontic care. Before long, these habits will become second nature and you'll be well on the way to a healthier smile for life.

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